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Ubinary Review

Ubinary has raised up the ranks amongst the world's best binary options brokers in no time. It did not happen without reason, considering the kind of seasoned finance veterans they have as founding members. What has been surprising is the way they have transformed binary options trading experience. Going through their interface one might feel a lot of comfort in watching binary pairs. You never have to download a software, given they provide with a web based trading platform which has been par with top platforms available in market. GMT time zone has been followed to execute orders and most westerners would have less difficulty to adapt to it.

Ubinary Fast Trading

How ethical have they been?

Ethical businesses care for their consumers before they make their first move. The Ubinary site tries the best to educate prospective clients about binary options trading. Every term in the businesses is made transparent, which rings bell of an ethical business. The live chat has been presented at homepage and the chat experience has been really good. To make life easy the binary quote scroll and prediction tools have been presented in one place.


> Registration is real simple and the signup 30% bonus is claimed when you are done submitting details.
> Variety of account types would mean there’s an account for every type of binary options trader.
> Security and privacy features are top class with no glitches at all.
> Trades get executed with no delay, with tons of full time system analyst working to make it happen smoothly and efficiently.


> Though it’s not a negative thing, some traders may not be so happy about the company’s years of existence. Ubinary has been relatively new entrant to the scene.
> Trading contract types are available in a narrowly limited number.
> The premium account levels are risky for their high end risk-reward ratio.

Trading Experience:

Ubinary trading platforms are so color filled making every trend visually catchy. The interface perimeters are well defined and you know where you get the information needed and where to place orders. Execution of trades happen super-fast. From beginners to experts they would like to check this trading platform surely.

Ubinary Trading Platform

Lbinary website:

If you want to open an account with Ubinary you can go to their official website at


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Risk warning

Before start trading options you must understand that this is a high risk investment. The advantage of having a full control over your trades gives you the opportunity to establish the maximum potential loss. Anyway, once a trade is placed, the entire investment is at risk. Like any high yield investment, derivative trading is designed for risk takers that understand how things work. Please make sure you fully understand what derivatives are before trading.