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Lbinary Review

LBinary has got a mixed reputation interesting. There are people who brag they have unearthed the best binary options brokers. There has been some who do complain some of its terms, licenses and features. If you decide to opt with LBinary it’s a mixed bet but it comes with a lot of upside. Here we present both the versions of views and opinions about this broker but financial veterans around the globe. As a run of mill, you get mixed reviews for all brokers lately.

Why people stay in favor of LBinary?

LBinary has taken the big step to push standards a level up. The social trading channel provided by “i-follow” has been an excellent invent. This feature allows us to follow and copy top traders and make profit with us. The automation of copying and following is not yet available, but you can manually follow and copy trades.

More Positives…

Minimum deposit is as low as 250$ for basic account. If you can withdraw through CC, the minimum for withdrawal is 100$. Bonuses are given up to 100% to double your exposure in trading literally. Variety in assets and expiry time is another advantage with this company.

Lbinary platform

Why people are against LBinary?

LBinary is not being regulated or authorized by regulatory bodies in binary options trading. In fact, Cyprus Security and Exchange Commission otherwise known as CySEC have publicly announced a warning notice about its unregulated existence. This move has been made to warn investors and keep CySEC face safe. Nevertheless, LBinary has been doing legit business for a long time now.

More negatives…

The signup bonus of 100% which goes in automatic mode makes a few hassles while withdrawing. 100% bonus makes your money get tied down in rare cases. Minimum withdrawal through CC is just 100$ but when you opt for wire transfer withdrawal it’s a mammoth 500$ minimum.

Final Verdict:

The features are excellent for lazy traders. The licenses and terms however are not that good. LBinary has been running legit business for a long time as we discussed. If you want a good signup bonus and love the “i-follow” feature to help you copy traders, LBinary is the broker you want.

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Risk warning

Before start trading options you must understand that this is a high risk investment. The advantage of having a full control over your trades gives you the opportunity to establish the maximum potential loss. Anyway, once a trade is placed, the entire investment is at risk. Like any high yield investment, derivative trading is designed for risk takers that understand how things work. Please make sure you fully understand what derivatives are before trading.